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Odasi Can Help.

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What is Odasi?

Odasi [OD-UH-SEE] – A Series of journeys marked by new fortunes and opportunities in the real estate profession.

The real estate market is a busy, on demand & fast paced industry that can stress even the calmest of us out at times. Introducing Odasi, the technology that is changing the real estate journey. Odasi allows the busy agent to be in more than one place at the same time while giving newer, less active agents the chance to make more money.

Odasi is evolving real estate by providing a marketplace whereby agents can get urgent tasks (or as we like to call them journeys) done at the click of a button. Despite some agents success in the real estate business, there becomes a point where they just cannot grow anymore without help. Imagine the ability to have an open house, a client showing, as well as put a lock box on a new listing, all at the same time. Odasi is convenient, powerful and easy to use.

Today, Odasi makes all of this possible with a marketplace platform that allows you to grow your business at a faster pace with the power of technology. For busy agents, this means getting urgent tasks done more efficiently enabling you to take on more clients and grow at a much faster rate. And for newer agents, with the need to learn the business while still paying the bills, Odasi gives you the opportunity to help these seasoned real estate agents by fulfilling their essential journeys for a fee. See Terms & Conditions

Odasi makes it simple to get your critical needs met quickly. When you have a journey that needs to get done ASAP, simply post it to our app, view profiles of agents that bid on it and select the agent that you think works best. It’s that easy. The journey agent will get a notification that they have won your business, and you can relax knowing you’re moving your sales and business forward.

At the end of each journey, both agents get to rate their experience with the other. This type of rating system allows everyone to know what quality experience each person typically provides, allowing everyone using Odasi the power of word of mouth. This method gives everyone the chance to have the best possible ratings, the confidence the job is going to get done and grow their real estate presence in the community.

Open up a new opportunity and take a journey with Odasi today. Odasi, redefining the real estate journey.



By blending technology into the real estate industry, Odasi is allowing busy agents to be in more than one place at the same time. With Odasi you can post tasks (we call them journeys) and other agents will bid on getting them completed for you. Imagine the power of having multiple agents at your fingertips all at one time. How many times do you just need something delivered, but no time to do it yourself? Odasi quickly takes care of it for you. With Odasi you can deliver earnest or option money, documents, keys, not to mention, having a yard sign or lockbox delivered and installed for you.

Multiple appointments can be taken care of with the click of a button. Post a journey to have a door opened for your client, have an open house hosted for you or have someone complete a house tour, preview or showing. Imagine the extra time you will now have to spend with family and friends or be at other pressing real estate matters. Either way, you are moving your business forward.

Odasi is evolving real estate by providing a marketplace through convenient, powerful and easy to use technology.

Here is a list of some of the journeys you can request or fulfill:



Earnest Money Open door – for my client
Option Money Open door – 3rd party
Documents House tour
Lockbox Home preview
Yard sign put up Home showing
Keys Host open housed
Others – anything you need





  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Unlimited Bidding on Jobs
  • 20 mile Radius




  • Everything in Basic
  • Expanded 40 mile Radius
  • Priority notifications


What is a journey?

A journey is a task or need that an agent wants completed by another agent and is willing to pay for it to be completed.

Is there a minimum or maximum bid I can submit?

No minimum bid is required. You can even do it for free if it is an experience you are passionate about or an agent you want to help out. $50 is a standard suggested rate depending on the journey type of course, but you can certainly bid any amount you feel appropriate.

May I bid on multiple journeys?

Of course. As long as you don’t have a known conflict with another accepted journey in the Odasi app you are free to fulfill as many as you would like. Just make sure that you have ample drive time to perform all journeys you accept.

How do I get paid when I complete a Journey?

As soon as you complete your journey and tell the app you have done so; a notification will go to the agent who posted the journey to approve payment. If the  posting agent does not accept within 24 hours, the payment will automatically post to your account at that time.

Do I have to be a licensed real estate agent or broker to use Odasi?

Yes. Odasi is only for active licensed real estate professionals. This requirement is a must to ensure fundamental knowledge of the industry and quality service.

Is Odasi right for me?

Odasi is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to create effective action, make more money in less time and increase productivity all with the convenience of the touch of a button. Not to mention, Odasi is created for real estate agents, by real estate agents.

How do ratings help ensure my confidence in using Odasi?

To discourage any bad service and wrong doings, we have a rating system that encourages agents to do the right thing and provide exceptional service. Ratings by both agents are required after each journey is complete.

What is the fee to use Odasi?

The usage fee is only $19.99 a month plus any price paid for a posted and completed journey. One simple journey a month can quickly pay for the usage fee of Odasi. And for the busy agent, $19.99 is way less money than paying an assistant a salary. Opportunity awaits you today so don’t wait to get your journey started. Please refer to the payment section of the Terms & Conditions.

What advantages does the Premium package give me?

The premium package gives you a larger radius of posting and receiving journeys (40 miles vs 20) as well as, gives you quicker notification that a certain journey has been posted. You will get first shot at any journey posting by getting quicker notification.

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